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Soldering Iron Stand
With Metal base and cleaning sponge
Price: £3.95
Out of Stock

Small Wooden Pegs


Miniature wooden pegs pack of 10. Great for holding metal parts together while soldering as they don't melt, don't suck up heat, and the spring is quiet strong.
Price: £1.20
Out of Stock

Spare Probe Holder for RSU
Price: £15.00
Out of Stock

RSU 4mm Black Socket 1pc


Price: £2.50
Out of Stock

Solder Suction Pump inc spare nozzle
Price: £11.50

Braided copper Solder wick


A Reel of Copper braid solder wick. Used for removing excess solder. Dip the wick into a Phosphoric acid flux and place flat of soldering iron over wick and as the solder melts its sucked by the wick.
Price: £2.95

Solder Wick 1.5mm x 1.5M lg
Small no clean solder wick only 1.5mm wide
Price: £7.50

Solder Sponge


Sponge for soldering iron stands, large approx 85mm x 59mm
Price: £1.50
Out of Stock

Multicore Tip Tinner/Cleaner


Multicore Tip Cleaner/Tinner. This is a small tin of aggressive tip cleaner with small particles of solder included. When the tip has become dirty or oxidised push the hot tip into the pot. Not for normal everyday use.
Price: £10.99

Tip cleaner refill


Tip cleaner refill pack. Curly brass type where no water is required. Used in all the Xytronic Solder stations.
Price: £3.50

Tip Cleaner with holder


Solering Iron tip cleaner in a holder. The tip cleaner is of the curly brass type that requires no water. Refills are available
Price: £9.99

Spare Element for LF1700 100w


Please note this is just the element for a Xytronic LF1700 solder station, std tools and a soldering iron will be needed to change but it is only 4 wires.
Price: £34.75

Spare Iron for LF1700 100w


This is a complete spare iron inc tip for the LF1700 solder station. Just plug in and you are up and running
Price: £63.00
Out of Stock


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