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Screw Terminal Block 3 amp 12way
Also known as Choc Block it has screws at both sides ro fix wires for a connection 12 way but can be cut into any number of ways inc 1 way
Price: £0.75

Plug and socket screw terminal blocks
Price: £7.95

Medium Croc Clips 2 pairs


Suitable for clipping onto the end of a 4mm plug
Price: £0.90

Small insul Croc Clips pair


Price: £0.80
Out of Stock

Wire Thin Flexible 10M Blue
This is a very fine wire typically used for DCC chips LEDs etc
Price: £3.95

Wire Thin Flexible Black10M
Price: £3.95

Wire Thin Flexible Red 10M
Price: £3.95

Wire Thin Flexible 10M Green
This is a very fine wire typically used for DCC chips LEDs etc
Price: £3.95

Heat Shrink Tubing 1.5mm


THIS HEAT SHRINK SHRINKS BY 3 to 1 whereas most shrinks at 2 to 1
Price: £2.20

Heat Shrink Tubing 3.0mm


Most heat shrink shrinks by 2 to 1 whereas THIS HEAT SHRINK SHRINKS BY 3 TO 1
Price: £3.00

Kapton 20mm wide insulating tape
High temp insulating tape used DCC chips along with lots of other jobs
Price: £7.00

Miniature Connectors 10 way + 5 x 2way
Very small 2 way connectors 2mm pitch. Male is a 10 way that can easily be cut in 2 ways or any other qty. Female are all 2 way. Both Male and Female have a small pin to solder your wires onto. No special crimping or insertion tools needed. Great for disconnecting tenders even in 4mm/ft or motors or pickups.
Price: £2.20

Miniature connectors 4 way 2mm pitch
2 pairs of 4 way very small connectors Total size 8 x 2mm Both male and female have pins you can solder to No special crimping or insertion tools needed
Price: £1.60

Mini Connector Male 40 way strip
See other MINICONNECT products
Price: £1.00

Red Crimp Round Washer Terminal for M4
Price: £1.60

Clear Silicone sleeving 1mm dia
Great for insulating pickups very flexible I found you can get 0.7mm inside quite easily but bigger can be done but being so flexible and small difficult to pull or push on the larger size
Price: £2.00


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