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Expo Tools replacement 3 jaw Chuck
Suitable for MINI DRILLS
Price: £6.00

Proxxon Burr 6mm Dia Ball Shape
With std 2.35mm 3/32 shaft
Price: £7.20

Proxxon Supercut 80 T 58mm saw blade
0.5mm thk 58mm dia saw blade to fit KS230
Price: £9.95

Proxxon Special Steel circular saw blade 50 x 0.56
Fits the KS230 saw these blades are 50mm OD 0.56mm thick 10mm hole in the middle with 100 teeth total and made of Special Steel for cutting softer metals 28-020
Price: £8.99
Out of Stock

Proxxon Carbide circular saw blade 50 x 0.55
Fits the KS230 saw these blades are 50mm OD 0.55mm thick 10mm hole in the middle with 80 teeth total and made of Tungsten Carbide for cutting hard materials inc metals 28-011
Price: £40.50

Proxxon Circ Saw Blade TCT 80 x 1.6mm
36 Teeth Tungsten Carbide Tipped blade 80mm dia 1.6mm thick and a 10mm centre hole Suitable for FET table saw
Price: £20.84

Proxxon Mini 3 jaw chuck.
Small 3 jaw chuck to fit all of the hand held drills For 0.3 to 3.2mm drills
Price: £6.50
Out of Stock

Proxxon 3 jaw Chuck for TBM220
Good quality as usual from Proxxon 3 jaw chuck with 3/8inch thread that fits the TBM220 bench drill Quotes 0.6mm to 6mm but have seen them hold 0.5 and possibly smaller
Price: £12.95

Proxxon mini Circular Saw KS230
Small circular for cutting small section of wood or plastic I have have very good feedback from customers about the usefulness of this tool This 230volt unit takes a 0.5mm thk 58mm dia blade
Price: £117.00
Out of Stock

Proxxon Mini Collet chuck
High precision collet chuck set for any proxxon small hand held or fixed drill Complete with 6 steel collets
Price: £9.95

Proxxon FBS12/EF 12V Drill
Smooth precise 12 volt electric drill with 3 jar chuck that will grip between 0.3 - 3.2mm shafts. Has std 20mm collar to fit acc. This will need a 2 amp power supply please search for NG2/E for the recommended variable psu
Price: £39.00

Proxxon FBS240E 240v drill
Std 230 240V hand drill or grinder complete in plastic carrying box and 43 drills and cutting dics etc 3 jaw chuck and UK plug
Price: £65.00

Proxxon Flexible Drive Shaft with 3 Jaw Chuck
1000mm long to fit Proxxon drills
Price: £30.00

Proxxon Flexible drive shaft with 6 pcs collet set
1000mm long to fit all proxxon Mini drills
Price: £31.25

Proxxon GE 20 Engraving Device
In Railway modelling we callthis a pantagraph miller You can make an item 2 3 4 or 5 times bigger in plastic then machine it in brass or similar the correct size. Proxxon GE 20 needs a Proxxon drill with a 20mm mount to use it.
Price: £198.00

Proxxon IBS/A battery drill set
Drill with 10v Lithium Ion battery Charger and various bits
Price: £162.95

Proxxon KT70 Compound table
2 axis table max movement is X 134 x Y 46mm 1mm movement for each full turn of the handles 0.05mm per graduation Overall size 200 x 70 x 43 plus 2 clamps included
Price: £78.00

Proxxon Micromot 230E 240v slimline drill
Lightweight slim variable speed 230 240V hand held drill or grinder with slim collet chuck and UK plug
Price: £71.95

Proxxon Micromot 230E Starter Set
Contains a 12V variable speed drill with 240V transformer plus steel collets and 34 drills burrs cutting discs grinding wheels etc And of course all these bits are of Proxxon quality as well
Price: £71.95

Proxxon Micromot Drill Stand MB200
Drill stand to fit the 20mm collar of most Proxxon hand held mini drills
Price: £87.00

Proxxon Primus 75 Machine Vice
This is the largest machine vice proxxon make 75mm wide jaws that open to 65mm guided to remain parallel during opening it weighs in a 2.5kg great for milling and larger pedestal drills
Price: £55.50

Proxxon Small Machine Vice MS 4
Fits both the drill holder stand and small pedistal drill
Price: £15.95

Proxxon Micromot 50 12V Slimline Drill
Fixed speed but can be used with the NG2/E variable PSU
Price: £29.00

Proxxon Micromot 50E 12V slimline Drill
!2V input but with its own speed control
Price: £38.00

Proxxon Micro Press MP120
Small press for cutting holes doming and folding With a little modification could be used for rivets
Price: £107.00

Proxxon NG2/E 2A 12 Var PSU
The Recommended variable 12 Volt 2 Amp power supply for the FBS12/EF drill
Price: £35.65

Proxxon NG2/S 2Amp 12V PSU
Non variable power supply for use with Proxxon variable speed drills
Price: £29.50

Proxxon PM 40 Precision Steel Vice
Machined steel machine vice jaw width 46mm and opens approx 33mm
Price: £46.40

Proxxon stepped table clamps
Clamps for XY table and engraving tool
Price: £19.95

Proxxon TBM220 Bench Drill
Small quiet accurate pedistal drill only what you would expect from Proxxon I recommend you buy the matching 3 jaw chuck
Price: £180.00


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