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Master Chassis

Options & Extras


  • 4mm Scale Axles (1/8" Dia) 1mm spigot
  • 4mm Scale Axles (1/8" Dia) 1.5mm spigot
  • any others please discuss

Extras - Axles

All our axles, of all sizes, fit all our jigs, but the smaller axles will not necessarily work in the 7mm jig to give you a small enough wheelbase.

  • 2mm dia Axles
  • 3/32" dia Axles
  • 3mm dia Axles
  • 5/32" dia Axles
  • 1/4" dia Axles
  • specials

Extras - Rolling Roads

These are available in any gauge from 15mm upwards

Extras - Wagon Master -Click here for more details





Bed & Breakfast

If you need accommodation we have 4 rooms on site, or we will find something local to suit your needs...(more)



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Workshops in Loco & Chassis construction, Buildings, Signals, Railway Operation and more

Relax in the evening with a farmhouse AGA cooked evening meal before stopping in our quiet Bed & Breakfast